Offer employees a glimpse of their new workplace


Our recruiters have conducted numerous personal interviews to find out what really interests applicants when they are thinking about taking a new job or changing their current job. Below you will find some examples:


  • What are the main areas of work in the department?
  • Do I receive a structured induction?
  • What continuing education programs are available?
  • What are the specifics of the team, are they interdisciplinary for example?
  • Will I be relieved of bureaucratic tasks through subcontracting or certain programs?
  • How is the medical equipment?
  • Where can I live, for example, is there a staff dormitory?


Such questions often remain unanswered because they go beyond the information in the classic job advertisement.


MedicalTopJobs Tip: Offer applicants answers to these questions on a separate landing page. In addition, the respective matching and current job advertisements are linked on this landing page.


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Use the concept of employer branding with Spotlight

What sets you apart as an employer in your area of responsibility with regard to your clinic, department, specialty unit or ward?


What are the special features of your hospital: Is it a university hospital, a rehabilitation clinic or an acute care clinic? What is the hospital structure, are there several locations?
Are there any other particularly interesting aspects for applicants, such as:

  • Further training authorizations
  • Research projects
  • Cooperations


Supplement your measures of regular digital recruiting, the placement of job ads on online and social media platforms, with human recruiting.

Use Spotlight for this purpose: Show applicants the team in the department, the manager and the benefits of the job.


  • Introduce the clinic, specialty department, ward, or chief residents.
  • Explain the onboarding and induction process.
  • Provide insight into continuing education offerings.
  • Introduce the team of a department and how the team organizes the work.
  • Explain your measures to reduce bureaucratic burdens on workers.
  • Outline the equipment in terms of medical devices and other special features.
  • Show specific housing options and point out the attractiveness of the location.


MedicalTopJobs Tip: Make all the advantages of your direct work environment visible to applicants with Spotlight.


Die Features des Employer Branding Werkzeugs in einer Infografik: Landingpage, Google Traffic, Zielgruppen Targeting, Social Media Präsenz, Backlinks und Job-Offers

Infographic with all features: Landing page, Google traffic, audience targeting, social media presence, backlinks and job offers.


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You will receive:

  • A dedicated landing page for your appearance with Spotlight:
    Your offer and job advertisements will be published exclusively on this page.
  • Google relevance and target group traffic:
    Through the targeted placement of keywords by our SEO specialists, you will achieve a significantly increased Google relevance and traffic through the target group defined by you.
  • Reaching the target group of physicians and medical staff in the health care industry environment.
  • Integration of your job ad on 
  • Linking to your career site or your company's online job board
  • Social media presence of your Spotlight:
    Optionally on Facebook / Instagram or LinkedIn (each with an advertising budget of €350 plus VAT) and as a tweet on Twitter.


You show:

  • What makes it special to work at your hospital/clinic
  • Images, videos, audio files, text articles, testimonials, interviews, all this can be included on your Spotlight landing page


Our service for you:

  • Processing of your data material (images, texts, videos or audio)
  • Layout and web design: Technical preparation
  • Editing: Editing and proofreading
  • SEO: Keyword optimization
  • Social Media: Production of the ad or promoted post - depending on the chosen channel (Facebook / Instagram or LinkedIn).
  • Recruiting: on request we take over the contact function and pre-filter the contacts
  • Personalmarketing: Support with media production (interview, podcast, testimonial, etc.)


Human Recruiting answers your applicants' questions personally and on an emotional level. In contrast to data-driven digital recruiting, which relies on algorithms and multiposting, the focus here is on people and their needs.

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Proactive employer branding for your department

How it works:

  1.  Contact our Employer Branding Team 
  2. The already existing files or your ideas for your spotlight will be prepared for the landing page and social media in coordination with you
  3. After your approval, the spotlight is published as a landing page and in the social media channels
  4. Every 2 months your Spotlight will be updated, as a refresh for the search engine ranking (e.g. at Google)


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You should take a little time to think about what sets your department apart from others. We will do the preparation for you.



2.990 €* + VAT for the production of your landing page - your spotlight - which we will update for you up to twice during the 6-month period at no extra charge


* This includes a budget of €350 for advertising on Facebook / Instagram (for junior staff) or optionally LinkedIn (for professional and managerial positions).