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MedicalTalentNetwork or MedicalTalentPool: what suits you?

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Info about the spontaneous application for physicians

You are a physician and have professional recognition for Germany?

The MedicalTalentNetwork offers you the discreet background search for a job just as you wish. And that free of charge.

Apply proactively.


You are a doctor, but do not yet have professional recognition or a license to work in Germany.?

Apply with your profile free of charge to the MedicalTalentNetwork.

If the membership in the MedicalTalentPool is promising for you, your personal contact person will suggest it to you and discuss it with you..


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Info about the speculative application for nursing staff

You work in nursing?

Nursing staff are desperately needed - and you know it. But finding the right job with the benefits that matter to you is time-consuming, so stay with the employer where you are.

We discuss your wishes for a new job with you. After that, your personal contact person will start searching, make a preliminary selection for you and suggest suitable job offers.

And not only free of charge: In the event of a successful placement, you can even expect a bonus.

Apply proactively.


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Info on speculative application for other professions

Are you a therapist? Or are you a financial accountant? Are you looking for a job in service? Or you want to see which professions in the healthcare sector might suit you?

Our experienced recruiters present job offers that match your profile and your wishes.

Apply to the MedicalTalentNetwork on your own initiative and free of charge.


How does your cooperation with the personnel agency of MOG Ärztevermittlung work?


1  Unsolicited application by form

Your profile:
Job title,
Specialties, etc..

Your wishes:
Work location,
Clinic type, etc.

Your documents:
Certificates, etc.


2  Processing by our recruiting team

email confirmation

your information

Your personal
contact will get
back to you


3  Get to know and support

Check and preparation
of your application documents

If needed:

Pre-selection of
suitable employers


4  Mediation

Presenting the
suitable jobs
and employers r



5  Your start in the new job



What happens to your application documents?

Once you have sent us an application - whether for an advertised position or an initiative application - we check whether you could be a good fit for the position you are looking for. The basis for this is our extensive pool of job offers from leading companies in numerous industries.

If it is not an immediate fit, we will keep your documents in our MedicalTalentNetwork and continuously match your profile with new job offers that come in.

Our goal is to find the best candidates for employers - and the best-fitting new job for you.

Your profile will only be forwarded to a potential new employer if you agree.

You have a fixed contact person in the application process, up to the signed contract and the start in the new job.


What costs will you incur if you use the services of MOG Ärztevermittlung as an applicant?

If you send us an unsolicited application via our application form, your data will be included in the MedicalTalentNetwork. There are no costs for you as an applicant. The support provided by our recruiting team in the preparation of your documents and in the search for and placement of a suitable position is also free of charge for you as an applicant.

If you are eligible for a paid membership in the MedicalTalentPool, your personal contact will suggest this to you and discuss your chances of success with you. You can also read about the conditions for membership in the MedicalTalentPool in advance here.


What does our network offer you?

MCM Media Consult Maier + Partner GmbH has been an agency specializing in healthcare for personnel marketing, recruiting and staff placement since 1991. Founded in 2012 as a new business division, MOG Ärztevermittlung now maintains contact with 80% of all clinics in Germany.

Our professional team of experienced international recruiters and key account managers coordinates the perfect matching between applicants m/f/d and employers. Many physicians m/f/d have already found the start of their very personal medical career with our support.

Read some Testimonials from physicians m/f/d, who found a new job in Germany thanks to the support of MOG Ärztevermittlung.