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The fact that job offers are provided in Responsive Design has long been standard. However, job offers are also increasingly being accessed on mobile devices. Especially the occupational groups doctors m/f/d and nurses m/f/d can be reached directly via mobile - with the WebApp. Applications can be submitted here with just a few clicks. This way, your job offers also reach candidates who spontaneously want to apply on their own initiative: Potential applicants m/f/d no longer have to download or upload anything and can send their application to you quickly and easily.

Young candidates applying via

Since there are virtually no unemployed caregivers, i.e., many of them are not actively looking for jobs, the problem of accessibility arises: How do I pick up the target group - young junior staff equipped with mobile devices - who are at most latently looking for jobs? Young people in particular no longer have a PC at home. Nurses and doctors are also among the professional groups that don't sit at their computers all day, but are more likely to be online via smartphone and tablet. We designed the WebApp for this target group.

The advantages: The returns via such low-threshold application procedures are many times higher than in conventional, elaborate procedures, and the increase of the selection quantity is also guaranteed with the WebApp. For employers m/f/d the workload is reduced, because they control the pre-selection on the basis of a few decisive questions - also to avoid unwanted spam applications - and only have to deal with the applications of the candidates they actually want to invite. Another advantage for employers m/f/d is that they can see within a very short time how many candidates have applied, when they applied and how to reach them. Competencies are no longer published via the text in the job ad, but are queried with questions that can be formulated dynamically for each job ad.

The publication of a job offer runs thereby media and job market-independently.

Conclusion: What is new about the mobile web application is that text-reduced job ads are published with a shortlink or quick response code (SL/QRC). In a few seconds, the applicant m/f/d has applied via SL/QRC by answering a short questionnaire and the employer has a lead that he or she can retrieve and contact in real time via a personal login.

No download is required to use the WebApp.


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