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Via the MedicalTalentPool to a professional permit and license to practice medicine

Let employers like hospitals and clinics in Germany find you.



Improve your career opportunities by showcasing your professional profile as a doctor in the MedicalTalentPool

You have:

  • successfully completed your medical studies in a non-European or European country
  • a visa
  • a valid residence permit and
  • a work permit

But you do not have a professional permit or license to practice medicine yet?



You are a medical doctor without a professional permit or license to practice medicine - what are your next steps?

  • Now you can take your first step towards working as a doctor in Germany and apply for a job shadowing in a clinic or a hospital.
  • Job shadowing gives you the opportunity to get an impression of the work in a German hospital.




MedicalTalentNetwork or MedicalTalentPool? Which model suits you?

Completed medical studies from an EU / non-EU country with license to practice medicine / professional permit

Ongoing support from our recruiting team

Job placement to hospitals and clinics in Germany
Membership* in the MedicalTalentPool and publicly visible applicant profile as starting point for job shadowing and career entry



*Membership in the MedicalTalentPool is fee-based and optional. Learn more about the MedicalTalentPool and how you can push your career entry as a physician in Germany.

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Doctors way to approbation in germany via medicaltalentpool by MOG Ärztevermittlung  

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